Essential Skills




critical thinking

goal setting

Career Exposure


career planning

field trips

identification of interests and passions

Employability Skills

resume writing

interview preparation

financial literacy

mock interviewing

Work Based Learning

service learning


job shadow

job experience

Activities of Ready to Work 2023
(October 2023 – August 2023):

Paid Summer Work

All participants who complete Ready to Work University in good standing are guaranteed paid summer internships. All Young Leaders who complete Ready to Work Academy tin good standing are guaranteed paid summer work in community service projects.

Year-Round Curriculum

Fall, October – December 2022
Winter, January 2023 – March 2023
Spring, March 2023 – April 2023
Summer, In June we will be holding Getting Ready for Summer Meeting and internships will take place from July 2023 through August 2023.


Workshops, meetings, special events and conference calls focused on employability skill building and self-care

Career Exploration & Guidance

Through school vacation job shadow opportunities and special events

 Mentorship Activities & Network Building

Through the companies and individuals that partner with us to provide these valuable opportunities

Resource Support Along Career and Job Pathways 


Each RTW participant has a password protected page on the website where you can keep track of all of your activities and update your contact information.

Click on Login on the top right in the navigation bar to login to your page.

Your username and password were emailed to you. If you need help with this, email us.

Register for all activities, including special events, speaker series, mentorship opportunities, community service on the calendar page.

Participants must act in accordance with our values and expectations:


It is important to:

respect and value myself and others

invest in myself and my future – take myself seriously

be my own best advocate – take initiative

work hard for myself and my future

ask for help when I need it

enjoy myself

embrace accountability – be responsive and communicative

strive to learn

act as a team player

Expectations for All RTW Participants

If the following expectations are fulfilled, paid work during the summer through RTW is guaranteed. If expectations are not fulfilled, paid work through RTW will not be offered. 

All Member participants will be expected to: 

  • check for email communications once a day and respond promptly to ALL emails;
  • respect the Core Values of the RTW Initiative;
  • respect the law – avoid engaging in unlawful behavior;
  • attend all RTW meetings and events for either Academy or University and be communicative when an absence is necessary
  • If absence at an event or meeting is absolutely necessary, members MUST give notification AND make the effort to schedule a make-up session;
  • demonstrate timely, respectful, professional, and engaged conduct at ALL RTW events, meetings, and interactions;
  • remain in leadership and good standing at their Boys & Girls Club;
  • write thank you notes to all speakers, employers and others engaged with RTW;
  • complete all RTW sessions in good standing.
Our Mission

Ready to Work (RTW) is Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Workforce Readiness Initiative that encourages Members and alums to:

  • explore their career interests and passions
  • build their foundational skills for life and work
  • apply what they are learning in real world work experiences

In order to achieve this mission BGCB Club staff emphasize:

  • providing an uplifting and secure environment
  • connecting youth with mentors and support
  • helping students stay on track academically
  • supporting youth to develop their employability skills
  • exposing youth to information on career pathways

In addition to support for the above, the RTW Team emphasizes:

  • creating a robust pool of speakers, mentors, and employers of color in all sectors;
  • collaborating with other job readiness efforts  to learn and employ best practices;
  • marshalling existing  career and job readiness resources;
  • building relationships and partnerships to employers and others who can offer job experiences to BGCB Members and Fellows;
  • providing support for Fellows as they apply to college and for course selection once they are in college as it impacts or influences their career pathways.

The goals of Ready To Work’s Summer Internships are to: