These RTW projects operate all year:

Podcast on Leadership

Fellows work together to interview community leaders to gather their reflections on leadership. They are also involved in editing, producing and audio engineering each episode. The podcast will stream on the BGCB and RTW websites and on all BGCB social media platforms.


Ready To Work Blog

Fellows write about their experiences on the RTW Campus, reflect on events happening in the world and discuss projects with which they are engaged.


Planning Committee

This Committee is for Fellows who want to work with Ready To Work staff and volunteers to plan sessions and special events.

Ready to Serve

RTW Fellows came together to form this committee because they believe that leadership in the communities in which they live is an important part of being a RTW Fellow. Ready to Go participants organized a sock drive for the homeless community over the Spring after researching the needs of local shelters. The group will come back together this summer to launch another community service project.

World Connect

For Fellows who want to engage with communities around the world. Twice a year, Fellows review proposals submitted to World Connect and select one to support. RTW and the Fellows work together to fund the proposals, learn about the region and its needs and have an opportunity to meet via Zoom with peers and community leaders from the community.

Currently, the RTW Fellows Initiative is engaged with the community of Ngangi Uganda on the building of a Wellness Center for Women and Girls. Please click here to read more about the Ngangi Proposal and watch a video of the Fellows meeting the community to discuss the Wellness Center.

The next World Connect proposal review session will be in January 2021. Please register here to join the group!

Learn More about Ngangi


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